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Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to hear more or want to chat?

Call on 03 9421 5105
Slide into our Instagram dms at @kindredmovement

To streamline the check in process we recommend downloading the Kindred Movement app and creating a profile ahead of time. You can also purchase an intro pass and book your first class all via the app.

Allow yourself 15 minutes prior to your first class at each studio to sign in with the teacher and familarise yourself with the space. Be sure to have a chat to our friendly teachers about any concerns, questions or injuries that they should be aware of to ensure you get the most out of class.

Both Abbotsford and Richmond studios open 15-30 mins before class.


You are welcome to BYO towel, mat and water, however, mat hire is included in your first visit and are $1 to hire thereon in. Shower facilities are free to use including shampoo, conditioner and hairdryers. Towel hire is $2. Complimentary tea, water and fruit are also provided so please help yourself!



Mats and hand towels are available for hire at no cost, complimentary tea is available prior or post class.


Look out for our community foundations classes if we have them running as this is a great place to start. Yin and Vinyasa Slow classes are also suitable for beginners. As well as our Mat Pilates classes (Abbotsford only). 

Please let your teacher know if you are new to the practice so they can assist you and help you feel settled! See class styles to understand more about each class.


All classes are suitable for those with an intermediate-advanced practice as your instructor will teach an all-levels class including options to advance. Ideally 3 – 4 Vinyasa Slow classes will be taken before trying a Vinyasa Flow class, especially if you are new to yoga.

Yes – email to have your account linked at both studios as this does not happen automatically.

You can expect the same high quality instruction from both studios! However our main Richmond studio has a larger class capacity of 30 mats, shower facilities, mats and towels for hire and greater access to public transport on Bridge Rd.

Our express Abbotsford studio has limited capacity at 16 mats meaning a greater chance of personal attention to your practice and is perfect for those who may feel overwhelmed by bigger classes.

Each class is different. Yin and Pilates classes tend to stay at room temperature in Summer and are warmed slightly to 23 degrees in Winter. Vinyasa Slow sits between 25-27 and Vinyasa Flow sits at 27. On the spicy Summer days the temperature will be brought down to accommodate the outside heat.

The warmth from our FAR infrared panels aid connective tissue and muscle lengthening. The heat can provide an intensity to the practice (although this is not Bikram yoga!), as it increases heart rate and blood flow around the body. Be prepared to sweat, stretch, smile and feel the benefits inside and out- greater resilience, increased immunity, healthy glowing skin and increased suppleness! As always, take things at your own pace and feel free to rest at any point.

We heat the rooms in many (but not all) of our classes, as traditionally yoga is practised in a warm environment, replicating the humid and high temperatures in India, where it began.

The heat encourages greater opening in the body, allowing connective tissue, muscle and tendon to become more tenable. We use FIR heating, which is the closest heating source to the sun’s rays. FIR heats the surfaces in the room via radiant heat, and in this way is a much more tolerable heat than air/ blow heating.

With a regular practice your body will begin to change and open up. Yin yoga is a fantastic compliment to the more yang styles of yoga.

As the infrared rays penetrate deep into the body, the body experiences an increase in blood circulation as well as an increase in the levels of oxygen and white blood cells in the your blood. It also stimulates the production of collagen (a building block for human tissue) and helps your body get rid of toxins by causing you to sweat.

As a result, you will experience the benefits of a stronger immune system, improved cardiovascular health and a faster ability to heal from soft tissue injuries, such as tears, pulls and sprains.

Vinyasa means ‘to place in a special way’ and we link breath and movement in a slightly faster style paced class. All classes are specially sequenced to encompass the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Be prepared to be physically and mentally challenged and feel more harmonious inside and out.
We run two types of Vinyasa Classes. Vinyasa Flow is energetic and dynamic, practiced in 27 degrees, always with options to modify to suit your needs and opportunities to rest. Vinyasa Slow still links body, breath and mind but at a slower more mindful pace. Heat is built through longer holds of postures.

1) Create a Kindred Movement account with Mindbody Online HERE or via the Kindred Movement App. This will only take a couple of minutes.

2) Download the Kindred Movement App HERE for Apple App Store and HERE for Google Play.

3) Sign into the Kindred Movement app using your new account. Otherwise you can also book via the website HERE.

4) Register for the package of your choosing (trial, casual, class pack, membership) and you can go ahead and book in for classes.

In the Kindred Movement App you can switch between studios using the map pin image on the home screen. We recommend booking for all evening classes, and whilst not generally necessary to book for the morning classes, is a good habit to be in to cement your commitment. For assistance with booking email

We understand that sometimes things come up. You can cancel classes yourself via the Kindred Movement App. There is no cancellation fee but please be mindful of canceling ahead of time so other students can attend in your place.

Our memberships are designed to ensure you can work your life around the studio. You can suspend your membership for 7+ day periods when you’re heading away or if you fall sick or have a personal injury. Please email for suspension requests at least 48 hours in advance for holiday requests and ASAP for sick leave.

Membership perks also include 10% discount to workshops and events, free 5x class pack to gift to a friend, free mat storage for those who BYO and access to our Virutal Studio. 

There are no minimum contract periods. We do require 30 days notice (4x weekly payments) to terminate a contract.

This is the best reason to start a yoga practice! For most of us, we are very tight when we begin a yoga practice (depending on athletic, work and genetic background). With a regular practice your body will begin to change and open up. Yin yoga is a fantastic compliment to the more yang styles of yoga.

Many women are fine to continue yoga after the first trimester if they were already regularly practicing yoga prior to becoming pregnant, though we absolutely recommend discussing with your physician. Please send us an email at so that we can provide individual support to ensure you are safe and comfortable. Please note our classes are heated.

A regular yoga practice requires discipline, commitment and consistency. We recommend a practice of between 3 to 6 times a week, which will start to produce results quickly.

Classes start at the specified time, and our studio door is locked at the beginning of class. This is to ensure that everyone has the best experience, and can be free from external distraction. Please aim to arrive no later than 5 mins prior to the start time, to avoid disappointment.