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January 2018

Meet: Mandy O’Keefe – Founder of Kindred Movement

Mandy is infinitely inspired by yoga's transformative power - both internally and externally, and finds it to be a source of joy and strength. She strives to teach from the heart to create an uplifting and nurturing environment where students can explore and expand within their own body and consciousness without taking things too seriously. Mandy believes that in order to be a great teacher one must continue to be a great student, and is committed to continually furthering her own learning on her personal yogic journey. Her training is vast across several styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Yin, Pre...

Meet: Elle Kiffer


Elle’s classes offer creative yet challenging sequences for all levels of yogis. Elle’s teaching style is fun, strong and dynamic with a focus on breath, self love and compassion. Elle invites you to explore your own practice with a playful twist, empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

Meet: Hayley Uberti


Hayley started her yoga journey 6 years ago when her dance career came to a halt from injury. She found yoga not only beneficial for her body but aware of the support it gave her mentally and emotionally. Hayley quickly became intrigued by the yoga history, philosophy and mind-body-spirit connection which lead her to complete her 200hr Teaching Training certificate in India.

Meet: Sarah Bunnell


Sarah found yoga when she was an International flight attendant. It brought her a sense of groundedness amongst the chaos of long haul flights and a non existent body clock. Her personal transformation through a regular yoga practice sparked curiosity in those around her, which led to her first Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai in 2009.

Meet: Sara Zavik


Sara, E-RYT200, originally from Virginia, USA, competed as an artistic gymnast for 14 years until a knee injury forced her to retire. She initially practiced Yoga as an alternative therapy for her injury, a way to focus her physical energy, and keep up her strength & flexibility, but has found over her 10+ years of practice that the mental and spiritual benefits have benefited her self development.

Meet: Ryan Mannix


Ryan has always had a keen interest in movement. He was a professional athlete for over ten years, representing Australia in both running and duathlon. When Ryan was sidelined with an injury from a serious bike accident, he started yoga as a means of rehabilitation. What was meant to be short term, became a long loving passion for this new form of movement. Yoga became a new opportunity to move and feel connected.

Meet: Kara Wheatley


Reluctantly dragged into a yoga class early 2010 it wasn’t long until Kara decide this was something she loved, despite being the un-coordinated beginner wearing socks and shoes in the back of the classroom. Kara immediately knew that yoga was something that would help her combat the stress of everyday life.

Meet: Amy Coghlan


Amy teaches a creative and dynamic vinyasa practice with a strong alignment base, from years of being a personal trainer. Although challenging, she is passionate about keeping her students safe while they move through the depths of their practice. Amy teaches to help people come back to their “true-self”, instead of fixing or changing, she encourages you to grow and transform to the best you can be.

Meet: Isabelle Stoner


Isabelle teaches yoga because she has experienced first hand the potential for the practice to nourish, ground and enhance our lives. She sees the practice of yoga as a therapy for healing and unraveling the complications that got in the way of our essential experience of unity and joy. She combines her teaching of yoga with knowledge she’s learning in her current studies of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine. This insight enables a diverse and holistic approach to self-care and natural wellbeing.

Meet: Kat Harvey-Barakat

Kat began dance classes at the age of 3 and competed nationally and internationally for many years. At 17, a heartbreaking injury forced her dance career to end. A few years later, after working as a Personal Trainer and also in the Events/Marketing industry, Kat found yoga. She began to realise that the reason behind 14 years of dance training and those hours working in a gym learning how the body works, was to prepare her body for yoga asana.



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